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Are young people out of game and with no future? Are still there any good grounds for pursuing a career in hospitality and towards those linchpin jobs in catering?

The lack of interest towards these professions had already been a phenomenon before the pandemic. Is still there a glimmer of hope of spurring new generations in pursuing these timelessly fascinating careers? YES, there is!
These are professions that closely remind all of us the experience of being customers, and demand, for a complete fulfilment, a strong connection and careful balance between the human intervention and the material elements.
These jobs, if taken up with care and passion, will open to attractive life prospects.
For decades, hotels and restaurants have been undergoing an epoch-making progress.
Cooking and restaurant serving direct their efforts towards exerting strong and enduring fascinations and always unique experiences. Indeed, there cannot be an ideal model of serving for each type of serving simply because in Italy serving is an incredible variegated milieu.

That's why a large segment of restaurant serving in Italy is insisting on a new educational system these days.
The trend is to set out an educational model that is anchored to outmoded patterns in order to acquire technical and practical skills that are too good for small and medium-sized family businesses - predominant in Italy - but too poor for the finest restaurants.
Requirements are simply not met. Besides technical skills, we also need engaging, charming and talented people.
Cooks and waiters are pivotal figures in the catering industry and restaurant serving but many approach hotel schools only because they feel inadequate to regular or advanced studies.
The insertion in the world of work is immediate and whoever undertakes these jobs with flair and the right frame of mind will certainly cover roles of responsibility.
At a time when we are being busy with trying to wipe out the fear of an evil future and the memory of a past evil, the Italian Luxury Hospitality Academy wants to teach the art of living , which, as the Greeks used to say, consists in recognizing our own skills, in harnessing them and seeing them thrive.

Gianpiero Mauro
Italian Luxury Hospitality Academy

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