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Perfection does not exist, but we work on the idea of perfection to create the emotions of hospitality in every guest.

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Courses of study

The subjects of study are designed to provide to the students with technical, cultural and professional skills to work in a luxury hotel enviroment.

Our training project aims at training students to develop a strong foundation of knowledge and skills for the industry of the world of luxury hospitality before putting their learning into practice in the real world on a 6-month internship. Our goal is to unearth and foster young talents and help them start forging their careers through studying a range of specialist subjects. In 4 months, between classes and lab works. It's up to you to choose the “refine cooking”, “the stylish art of restaurant serving”, “the art of welcoming” or “looking after guests”.

Course 1
“Cooking and dining in luxury hotel hospitality: refined cuisine and the art of service”
Course 2
“Luxury Hotel Hospitality: the art of welcoming and looking after guests”
Course breakdown

At ITLHA we offer the latest teaching methods through learning, sharing and testing

The approach focuses on experiential learning, creating a place to share, transfer and experience refined cuisine, the art of service, the art of welcoming and looking after guests in luxury hospitality transiting through four disciplinary areas, within which the main skills and competences have been identified that, whoever wants to work in the world of hospitality, must be able to exercise perfectly. If well trained, these skills can also prove useful in every other aspect of current life. The study plan relies on the coordinated integration of solid theoretical references and hands-on experience in leading companies, academic professors and professionals in the sector. The route will continue inside a prestigious luxury five-star hotel through an internship.


Our consultants and trainers are dedicated professionals with many years of experience in the 5-star hospitality sector. We can also boast leading, renowned experts in the arts and humanities whose goals are training mental skills, which are needed in today's competitive global labour market, and improve them. We are sure that ILHA students will gear up to enhance their skills as global graduates by doing nothing more than simply following our courses. That's our recipe and promise.

Form & Substance
Feeling & Detailes
Sequences & Frequencies
Uncertainty & Energy
Wellness & Harmony

Form & Substance

Cooking and serving are a matter of aesthetics, style, balance and composition as well as establishing a strong relationship between form and substance. Students will learn how to match food flawlessly and serve it impeccably. Not everyone can aspire to become great “chefs de cuisine” or “maître d'hôtel” but great “executive chefs” e “head waiters” can hide in everyone. The excellent cuisine and haute cuisine are not a match for those who show fear: you must have a vivid imagination, be bold, try seemingly "useless or impossible" combinations blind to most and learn how not to set limits because you are what you are. Discover and defend the new.

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