Italian Luxury Hospitality Academy | Accademia di formazione
Via Cartari, 18 90133 Palermo, Sicilia Italia
Tel: +39 376 048 9698

Where we are

The Italian Luxury Hospitality Academy, a reference point in Italy for luxury hospitality, is based in Sicily, the island fully immersed in the sunlight.

How to reach us

Sicily. A large triangle lying in the middle of the Mediterranean, a land of history, art and culture. Center and synthesis of the entire Mediterranean civilization.

Fostering scientific collaborations on training and research projects

Promoting the exchange of knowledge and information beetween educational institutions and companies involved in the hotel tourism sector.

Fostering scientific collaborations on trainings and research projects.

Lessons will be held mainly in Palermo at the Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa.

Where are we?

Located in the city center, Via dei Cartari 18, near the train station.


History, art and charm make Palermo a magical place.

Sicily offers the most successful combination of East and West in Palermo.

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