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Via Vito Carvini 91016 Erice, Sicilia Italia
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Erice is an ancient small village and regarded as among the most beautiful in Italy. It is located in the province of Trapani and stands on a plateau protected by ancient cyclopean walls - an enchanted place full of small-town charisma and timeless charm.

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Palazzo Sales hosts the courses, and is already the seat of the renowned Hospitality Institute of Erice

Our courses will be held at Palazzo Sales in Via Carvini, home to the renowned Istituto Professionale Servizi per l'Enogastronomia e l'Ospitalità Alberghiera - Professional Institute of Food, Wine and Hospitality - "Ignazio and Vincenzo Florio", which has been active for several years in the program "Erasmus Plus Culture and Communication of taste".

Fostering scientific collaborations on training and research projects

Promoting the exchange of knowledge and information between educational institutions and companies involved in the hotel tourism sector.

The medieval village whose roots are deeply embedded in myth.

The origins of the name get back to ancient and mythological roots, Erice, from the son of Venus and Bute. And then again by Aceste and Elimo, that is why it is called the Mount of myth. The numerous legends hosted and the strong mystical overtones of this place, make Erice even more impressive during a foggy day.

Art, Culture and Nature that deserve to be savoured slowly.

Erice is 15 km from Trapani and is located 750 meters above sea level, in a splendid scenic position thanks to which on a clear day it may even be possible to see Mount Etna on the horizon. Nowadays it is famous for the prestigious Centro di Cultura Scientifica Ettore Majorana - Ettore Majorana Scientific Culture Centre - which qualifies it as City of Peace and Science.

The ancient village

The medieval mood, the cool fresh air, the dense pine forests, the inspiring silence, make Erice a magical place.

Floating between heaven and earth, Erice holds the history of thousands of years at its core.

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