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Via Cartari, 18 90133 Palermo, Sicilia Italia
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We'll guide and introduce gifted young graduates to the working worlds of Hotels operating in the luxury market.

ITLHA is recognized and chosen by prestigious luxury hotel brands that are willing to offer career opportunities to our students.

The Academy is located in Palermo, Sicily, at the Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa. The objective of the course of study is to produce excellent graduates who will be competent in a broad range of knowledge, understanding and experience and skills appropriate to the course they have chosen through a specifically tailored educational project that will bring out the best of their principles, their own aptitudes and abilities.


Italian Luxury Hospitality Academy. Why?

The Italian Luxury Hospitality Academy stimulates and runs high-level training activities for the tourism and hospitality industry and stems from the firm belief that valuable experiences exert a significant impact on the economic and social system through the implementation of sound practices. The IT.L.H.A. is the result of twenty years of experience in the management of human resources in the world of Hotellerie excellence and is committed to accommodating the demand for professional skills voiced by the world of hotel companies and facilitating their integration processes and development, as well as promoting the enhancement of talents.


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The Hospitality industry is a thriving sector that can ensure you the best career opportunities.

The course will admit new graduates, who have earned a secondary-school diploma and have a satisfactory knowledge of the English language. The selection will be made on the basis of qualifications, customized aptitude tests and individual interviews both online and in person. Potential, but above all passion and a concrete desire for such an experience, will also be considered as evaluation factors.

Classroom and laboratory

Training in classroom and laboratory for 3 months and internship in selected top-quality companies lasting 6 months.

First-hand experience in prestigious companies

At the end of the course the students will be selected and introduced in one of the prestigious luxury facilities and partners.

Scholarships and easy terms of payments

We provide for the allocation of scholarships to cover partial or total costs of participation. Easy terms of payments where applied.

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