Italian Luxury Hospitality Academy | Accademia di formazione
Via Cartari, 18 90133 Palermo, Sicilia Italia
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Educational offer and scholarships. Discover all the incentives to attend

Special terms and bonuses are provided. As well as the registration agreement, students will be provided with a calendar and all its deadlines.
The IT Luxury Hospitality Academy provides students with the opportunity to access a loan, awards scholarships and offers a bonus.

The IT Luxury Hospitality Academy offers scholarships to cover partial participation fees and are awarded to students with an ISEE (indicator of equivalent economic situation) of less than € 40,000.
In the case of applications exceeding the number of scholarships available, priority will be given to those with the lowest ISEE.
Students admitted must submit the ISEE declaration together with the registration confirmation and the signed contract.
Six (6) scholarships will be awarded to partially cover the costs of participation (awarded by the directors of education of the IT Luxury Hospitality Academy).


The IT Luxury Hospitality Academy provides students with the possibility of accessing a loan on favourable terms, granted by an affiliated bank.
The specific conditions of the loan are regulated by an autonomously agreed contract between the bank and the student at the time of activation.
Scholarships and loans are not cumulative concessions.

School-leaving certificate bonus

Students who have passed their school-leaving examinations with a 100-out-of-100 mark will enjoy a discount.

I-pay-all-at-once bonus

Anyone who wishes to pay all at once will be entitled to a discount.
Everyone, at the time of registration, will be required to pay a deposit, even those who may be given scholarships, loans or bonuses.
Students can only have one financial support at a time, and cannot cumulate scholarships, loans and bonuses.

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